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Cylinders and Hydrostatic testing

Hydrogom sells and buys many types of cylinders and other diving equipment. Mainly used for diving, breathing apparatus, air gun sport, and compressor storage.
We deliver many surface treatments like sandblasting inside or outside of the cilinder, powdercoated colors amd hydrostatic testing.
The testing will be supervised by Loyd’s provided by third parties.
Each cylinder that gets approved, is equipped with the following label: ” entry year / month / (lion) / year ”

Cylinders of all years can be inspected up to 80 liter water content, but also the various forms of valve thread are no problem.

Rejection of cylinders unfortunately also occurs. This is an act which is equivalent to hydrostatic tests and will be calculated. Also partially sandblasting to get a good assessment of whether the cylinder is eligible for a label is an act which will be calculated.

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